Travco Can Purify Your Eureka, IL Well Water

If you have lived very long in the country, on a farm or in a farm community that doesn’t have city water, you are familiar with the challenges of well water!

Travco Plumbing can help you understand exactly what is in your water and how to make it pure and safe to drink!

At Travco, We Are Proud That All our Water Treatment Products are Made in the USA!

New to well water? Here are some facts you may not know:

Every well is different! Water quality varies from county to county, even from farm to farm. For that reason, Travco has a variety of water-treatment options – depending on what your water test shows to be your particular water challenges.

In Illinois, you are responsible for your own well water quality! Unlike the city where the water company tests the water, you will need to pay for your own water test and make your own remediation choices.

You cannot detect most unwanted components of your well water through taste or smell. While some well water has obvious odor and taste issues, most don’t. The only way you’ll know if your water is safe and pure to drink is to have it tested.

Your well water quality can change with weather and seasonal changes. If you experience a sudden drought, changes in the surrounding water table or aquifer, or an increase in local water demand, you should call Travco! All of these could change your water quality. We will come and do a new water test!

Travco wants to help ensure that your family has pure, clean water to drink and bath in.

  • The populations most vulnerable to these pollutants are our babies and children, followed by the elderly and people with impaired immune systems.
  • Water is not just a “drinking problem”. Your skin is your largest organ. You can absorb dangerous particles by bathing and showering in them.
  • In addition, you can inhale dangerous chemical pollutants during showering.
  • The heat in a dishwasher accentuates the problems caused by elements in your water.
Find out what is in your water! Call Travco NOW for a water test.

The following are the elements we commonly find in well water tests!


Nitrates are found in well water from nearby septic systems, manure storage areas, feedlots or farm fields. Certain types of wells are more susceptible to nitrates, and if you have damaged or leaking casings or fittings, your well can be at a higher risk.

  • According to the Illinois EPA, it is especially important that mothers-to-be and infants less than 6 months old guard against nitrates in their drinking and cooking water, because too much nitrate in drinking water can cause blue baby syndrome in infants.
  • This condition, which is a result of the blood not being able to transport oxygen, causes asphyxiation!

Pesticides, Herbicides and other Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOCs)

These manufactured chemicals do not occur naturally, and are widely used on farmland throughout Illinois. The majority of SOCs are made up of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, while others are used as plasticizers, wood preservatives, flame retardants, and solvents, and produced as by-products or waste materials.

Coliform Bacteria

Many harmless bacteria are in the soil, but the presence of coliform bacteria is used as a standard for bacterial quality in drinking water, as their occurrence in groundwater indicates sewage or surface water is entering and contaminating the water supply.


Volatile Organic Chemicals – or VOCs – come from things like gasoline, diesel fuel and solvents. VOCs can persist for many years in groundwater and can travel long distances from where they were spilled or dumped.

Heavy Metals

Some metals are actually healthy in trace amounts. Others pose a danger when they are detected in your water. The metals that are most often linked to developmental issues, organ damage, cancers and even death include: arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel and mercury. These metals can be naturally occurring and they can come from industrial pollution.

Hard Water

Hard water is very common in Illinois water supplies. It can cause deposits that corrode your faucets, leave films on your dishes and glasses, and stain your clothing when you wash with untreated water. Plus it can shorten the life of your water heater. Conditioning your water to remove the calcium and magnesium deposits that make it hard is preferred by most of Travco’s clients.


Iron is mainly present in water in two forms: soluble ferrous iron or insoluble ferric iron. Water containing ferrous iron is clear and colorless because the iron is completely dissolved. Water containing Ferric iron is reddish brown and sometimes sediment can be felt. Water with ferrous iron can become water with ferric iron when it is exposed to air (in the pressure tank or atmosphere).


Tannins are natural organics produced by vegetation. Tannins produce a brown color in water. They will also react with iron to form a black residue. Organic iron and tannins are more frequently found in shallow wells, or wells under the influence of surface water.

E. Coli

E. Coli is a type of Coliform Bacteria found in the intestines of animals and humans, indicating possible contamination by sewage or animal wastes.

These elements are just the starting point, but luckily they help us point the way.

  • Based on what your water test reveals, we will recommend water treatment systems to correct your water.
  • By correcting the water before it goes through your home, you can extend the life of your pipes, faucets, and appliances.
  • Our goal is to provide you with safe, clean water without adding harsh chemicals.
  • While most well water requires a multi-step process to treat, we will provide options to help you meet your water needs and give you the pure water you and your family deserve.

The only way you will know if these are a problem in your water is testing!
Call Travco and find out what is in your water!