Water Treatment — Because Healthy Water Tastes Better!


If you are like most of us, you are careful about the quality of the food you eat, concerned about the quality of TV that your children watch and want a healthy lifestyle for your family. And you’ve probably heard you need to drink more water!

If you still drink tap water – even if you drink bottled water – you may be exposing your family to any number of dangerous substances hidden in your water.

The hidden dangers in your tap water include:

The hidden dangers in your tap water include:

  • Sediment and particles
  • Impurities
  • Contaminants
  • Chemicals

All these particles are invisible!
  • You can’t see them or even taste them!
  • In addition, they may already be creating damage on a cellular level in your family. Just from drinking the water that comes from the tap… or in a bottle you buy at the supermarket!

No Matter Where you Live – Water Treatment is Important for your Family’s Health!

In the City:

Did you know that our public water systems only test for a limited number of dangerous chemicals? It is true — most water systems just measure levels for the ones that the EPA mandates.

Bottled Water:

Did you realize that you could be buying basic tap water in a bottled form at the grocery store? There are no guidelines to require bottlers to tell you what you are buying!

In the Country:

If you live on a farm or in a farming community and get your water from a well, your water may need to be treated for farm chemicals that leach into the water, as well as problems that come from the soil and other challenges depending on the local water table and supply.

In the city or in the country, Travco Plumbing can find out what is in your water and correct it!

  • City water will have some common properties depending on what area you live in.
  • Well water is specific to your location. It can vary from one well to the next, and from one farm to the next.

At Travco Plumbing, we believe the only way to ensure your family’s safety is to filter your water:
  • Every year science uncovers more problematic chemicals that could injure our children, our pets and us.
  • These get into our water supply from industry, from farming, by leaching out of landfills or settling in natural bodies of water from air pollution.
  • As we all try to drink more water, we absorb more and more of these!

Would you like to know if your water is safe?

  1. Call Travco. We are plumbers. We know water, inside and out.
  2. We will come to your house and test your water. There is a small fee of $30 for a water test. If you decide to rent or purchase a water treatment system, we will subtract the $30 from your total, or you can bring your water to us and we can test it at no charge!
  3. We will explain the results clearly and carefully. You’ll find out exactly what contaminants you have in your water.
  4. If needed, we will propose a treatment plan.

From small RO systems that sit under the sink in your kitchen to whole house systems that clean all the water that comes into your house…

Travco has a pure water solution for you!