Before You Panic at Water in Your Basement, Call Travco Plumbing.

Act Fast to Prevent Damage to Your Eureka, IL Home

Water in your basement is a devastating problem for homeowners. No matter what the cause, we understand that you want the problem fixed as soon as possible and the damage corrected so your life can get back to normal.

Water in your basement can damage floors, carpet and drywall, destroy furniture and ruin possessions– and if untreated, result in mold.

Travco Plumbing can help diagnose and repair the issues that can cause water in your basement.

Call Travco Plumbing as soon as you find you have water in your basement! Whether it is from your home’s plumbing or from external challenges, Travco can find and fix the source of your water.

Removing the Water

  • We will bring our powerful pumps to help you remove the water from your basement.
  • After the water is gone, our large fans will help dry out the moisture remaining in your basement.
  • Once your basement is dry, Travco Plumbing will help you diagnose where the water is coming from and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

Finding the Source of the Water

Finding the Source of the Water

Travco will help you identify the source of water in your basement. These can include:

  • Poor drainage on your lot.
  • Overflowing gutters.
  • Plugged downspouts.
  • Water table issues.

Of course, if you live near a body of water, basement flooding can be a result of seasonal flooding. Heavy rains and rapidly melting snow combined with leaking basement walls can contribute to seasonal water in your basement, as well.

Preventing Water In the Future

After your water issues have been diagnosed, Travco will help by installing the equipment that you need to prevent water in your basement in the future.

Sump Pump Systems

No matter what the cause of water in the basement, a sump pump system is necessary to protect your home.

  • Each sump pump should have a back-up system, complete with warning alarm in case of outage.
  • Sump Pumps can be combined with a basement de-watering system.

A Back-Water Valve

If you have had water combined with sewage backup, this valve ensures that sewage only flows one way — out of your home. It is very important to have a licensed, trained plumber like Travco install your Back-Water Valve.

  • Proper placement of this valve is very important to ensure that it provides value.
  • If installed in the wrong location, sewer pressure could build up and crack your basement floor.

Drainage Tile

Situated at the base of your foundation, going around the exterior of your home, drainage tile takes the water away from your home.

  • Is your drainage tile crushed or broken? Are they filled with leaves or debris? These can contribute to flooding.
  • Drainage tile that is connected into your storm drain or sewer system can contribute to basement water for you AND for your neighbors.

Travco can use the camera to inspect the drainage tile and determine if it is functioning correctly or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Travco is well versed in plumbing and municipal drainage systems. We can help you evaluate the cause of devastating basement water – as well as helping you permanently fix this problem!