You can trust Travco to be your go-to plumber for all residential and

You can trust Travco to be your go-to plumber for all residential and commercial plumbing.

Call Our Eureka, IL Based Plumbing Pros

We are a Certified Green Plumber! That makes us the best choice for new construction and remodeling work! Our knowledge of “green choices” will help you save money while you choose between beautiful plumbing fixtures that feature the newest options.
  • We only use licensed plumbers and plumbing technicians.
  • We are fully insured for your protection and convenience.
  • We fully warrant all our new installations and guarantee our labor on repairs and maintenance.
  • We provide a broad range of plumbing services across the communities of Peoria, East Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, Eureka, Goodfield, Congerville, Mackinaw, El Paso, Roanoke, Metamora, Germantown, Morton, Washington and Pekin.


What are your plumbing needs?

There are two kinds of plumbing problems – small and large.
And we are masters of both.

What are your aggravating small plumbing issues: Do you have faucets that drip, water heaters that don’t fully heat your water, and other plumbing issues that aren’t being fixed?

Even if it is not totally broken, but it is driving you crazy — we can fix it:

You don’t have to tolerate these minor irritations – all are easy fixes when you call Travco. We will schedule a convenient appointment to repair these:

  • Blocked drains
  • Dripping facets
  • Toilets that run
  • Toilets that don’t flush
  • Slow drains
  • Not enough hot water
  • Slow leaks
  • Odors in bathrooms

Crisis Plumbing: Do you have water in your basement? Is something broken and gushing water?

We work to accommodate emergencies into our schedule, even to the point of asking our other customers if they wouldn't mind rescheduling. Call us for:

  • Basement flooding
  • Broken faucets
  • Sump pump failure
  • Storm sewer back up into your home.
  • Water heater failure or flooding
  • Leaking gas pipes
  • Leaking water pipes

“Honey Do” Plumbing Project Gone Bad?

Do you have a do-it-yourself spouse? We give him (or her!) credit for tackling a big plumbing project – that takes courage! However, we are here as a back-up solution when everything doesn’t go as planned.

Don’t settle for drippy, crooked or just plain non-working repairs.
We can take what they started and fix it so you’ll love the results.

You can depend on Travco Plumbing. Call us today.