Exterior Water Services in Eureka, IL

As your home ages, your exterior water pipes get older too. Aging pipes can cause leaks and breaks. Pipes can also be damaged by corrosion, extreme weather, shifting or settling of the ground, and heavy equipment working on soft ground.

Signs of a water pipe failure include:

Signs of a water pipe failure include:

  • Leaking or pooling water in your yard.
  • Water leaking into your basement, even without rain.
  • Low water pressure.

Homeowners insurance does not cover most water piping failures, unless you have a special rider. If you suspect that you have an exterior water problem and don’t know why or where to turn, call Travco.

  • We can scan your pipes with our sewer camera and diagnose your problem.
  • We can remove roots and other blockages.
  • We can locate, excavate, and repair leaks.
  • We are experienced at exterior water piping replacement.
  • We can help you understand what happened and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Frozen Pipes

With the extreme weather that the Midwest has been experiencing, frozen pipes have become a reality for many families. We encourage any family who experienced frozen pipes this winter to call Travco.

  • Don’t settle for hauling water!
  • We can fix your frozen pipe problems!
  • Depend on our experience and knowledge of how to protect your water lines from cold temperatures!
  • We are a certified Green Plumber, so we can help you make plumbing choices that will save money and help your re-plumbing project pay for itself in the long run!

Whether it is a matter of moving pipes away from cold walls or burying pipes deeper than the frost line, Travco Plumbing is your licensed, experienced plumber for fixing frozen pipes!

Call the experts and you only make one call! Call Travco.