Travco Can Purify Your Eureka, IL City Water.

Many of our water purification clients have city water.
Some of the things we test for in city water include:

  • Chemicals added in the water treatment process.
  • Water hardness that can stain your sinks and discolor clothing.
  • Elements from industry and urban runoffs.
  • Contaminants resulting from carelessly-disposed chemicals

Travco wants to help ensure that your family has pure, clean water to drink and bath in.

  • The populations most vulnerable to these pollutants are our babies and children, followed by the elderly and people with impaired immune systems.
  • Water isn’t just a “drinking problem”. Your skin is your largest organ. You can absorb dangerous pollutants by bathing and showering in them.

Find out what is in your water!

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At Travco, We Are Proud That All our Water Treatment Products are Made in the USA!

At Travco, We Are Proud That All our Water Treatment Products are Made in the USA!

City Water FACTS!

Do you wonder why you need to test your water, if you are buying it from a water supply that meets EPA standards?

That is a very good question!

Here is some information about your water:

  • The EPA has set standards for many common pollutants for which water companies must meet set Maximum Content Levels (MCLs).
  • Some water companies test for more.
  • On average, each water company tests between 69 and 87 substances in your water.

At the same time, industry is creating and using many hundreds of additional chemicals and substances for which standards have not been set, and which are suspected to be harmful (see below!) These chemicals can be in your water and the water company will do nothing about it.

A quick test by Travco Plumbing can show you how many problem particles are in your city water!

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the public has reason to be concerned. EWG reported that between 2004 and 2009, water tests by companies like Travco across the U.S. detected 316 contaminants in water supplied to the public.

The list of 316 detected contaminants includes:

  • 97 agricultural by-products, including pesticides and chemicals from fertilizer- and manure-laden runoff;
  • 204 industrial chemicals from factory discharges and consumer products;
  • 86 components linked to sprawl and urban areas or from polluted runoff and wastewater treatment plants;
  • 42 elements that are byproducts of the water treatment processes or that leach from pipes and storage tanks.

Of these 316, 201 of them are unregulated and judged to be dangerous!
According to EWG analysis of chemical data, of these 201 substances:

  • 168 have been linked to cancer
  • 54 to reproductive toxicity
  • 67 to developmental toxicity
  • 35 to immune system damage

No matter in which city you reside, you still need to be concerned about what is in your city water!

Travco Plumbing will help you protect your family!

Call Travco now to find out what is in your water!